Huevos Gourmet

'Mi Casa Es Tu Casa'

Mexico Meets France

Warm and friendly you'll never feel like you aren't family when this amazing bunch come to work and present you with the breakfast, brunch, or lunch of your life!


Immigrated to Canada 10 years ago. Achieved their goal of opening their own restaurant. Chef, Gerardo and Designer, Carlos brought their vision to life...

When alumni Carlos Casillas immigrated to Canada, he had dreams of owning his own restaurant one day. This is how he used his experience at #GBC as a platform for accomplishing his goals: When I came to Canada, my partner and I had aspirations of one day opening our own restaurant. With the help of George Brown and The Chef School, I was able to develop my passion in the culinary arts and reach my goal. George Brown gave me the opportunity to study the cuisine of my liking while providing hands-on learning with top-of-the-line equipment. I worked longside notable chefs who were dedicated and diligent and received constructive one-on-one guidance. These mentors sparked my creativity while providing a safe, professional kitchen to earn in.

The environment at George Brown was always friendly and I met many people who shared my passion. I even received job opportunities before graduation. With a campus in the heart of Toronto, my peers and I were exposed to local styles and tastes that could be fused with traditional recipes. I found this to be a huge asset when creating my business, as my partner and I planned to combine the tastes of our Mexican heritage with other popular flavours. George Brown also familiarized me with a variety of equipment and instillation techniques that allowed my kitchen to be efficient and well-organized. The school's emphasis on professionalism and food handling processes has made for a safe work environment for my staff and high quality, great tasting food for our customers. I wouldn't have my restaurant without the dedication of both myself and the mentoring chefs found at George Brown. Future students should expect a fun, engaging and inviting experience that will expose them to many new aspects of food.